What You Should Know About Our Argon Welding Service

Argon welding is a welding method that has been used in the collision repair industry for years, and often it’s used as a shielding agent. A shielding agent is required because, during the welding process, a piece of metal’s temperature can exceed 5000°. Argon is a colorless gas, and it doesn't have an odor either. It isn’t a flammable gas, nor is it toxic. Most vehicle welding is done using the argon welding method, and this is what our technicians specialize in. If your vehicle requires argon welding, then it's best to get in touch with our team. Our licensed and certified argon welding experts are preferred by those who need argon welding in NJ, and they will deliver expert-quality work, in a short amount of time and for a fair price. If you want your car's body to look like it just came out of the shop, we are the welding experts to get in touch with.

Why Argon Welding Is Important

When a metal reaches thousands of degrees in temperature, it will turn into a liquid, and it’s here when a metal is weldable. Argon is specifically used to protect this molten pool of metal from the elements in the atmosphere, as often oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen can inhibit the welding process from taking place properly. These elements may also cause a reaction with the metal pool, and porosity as well as increased weld splatter are two of the common results. Argon is also a significant factor in maintaining arc stability, and this means with argon comes more weld penetration, better filler wire transfer, and better weld appearance.

Because welding is highly technical work, it should only be executed by true specialists. If, for example, you have a luxury car that has an expensive body, our welding experts are the ones to get in touch with. They’ll take care when handling your vehicle, and they’ll ensure it looks flawless when you get it back from us.

Why Choose Our Service

Our service is often sought by those who need argon welding in NJ, and when you bring your vehicle to our shop in Linden, you’ll know immediately why we are trusted and preferred throughout the local area. Our technicians will explain what their welding process is to you, and they’ll do so in terms you can understand. Because we are precise and diligent, we can deliver first-rate welding services consistently. We also possess the tools, know-how, and experience necessary to carry out a wide range of welding jobs, and we can repair minor collision damage same-day in some instances.

Don’t Put off Collision Repair

It’s not wise to put off collision repair, as the damaged components in your vehicle may give out and render your vehicle inoperable. You may also experience a dangerous situation while driving if you don’t seek collision repair right away. Get in touch with our welding experts, as they will make sure your vehicle is fit for the road once again.